Wish You Happy New Year

Wish You Happy New Year : जिंदगी कुल्फी की तरह हैं! टेस्ट करो या वेस्ट करो, पिघल तो रही हैं, इसीलिए ज़िन्दगी को टेस्ट करना सीखो! वेस्ट तो वैसे भी हो ही रही हैं. जितना आप इन Wishes को फैलाएंगे उतना आपके और आपके अपनों में प्यार बढेगा. 🙂

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Happy New Year!! This year would not have been very easy
without you around…. Thank you for always being here



“Thank You for Pushing Me to Do Great Things,
Which I Thought I Cannot Do, I Hope To Follow,
Your Path So That I Can Also Be Called,
A “Boss” Someday. Happy New Year 2018!”



Another year of success and happiness has passed.With every new year, comes greater challenges and obstacles in life.I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all the hurdles you face.May you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead, God bless you.Happy New Year 2018 !!!

Wish You Happy New Year


Joyous January – Fabulous February Magical March – Adorable April Magnificent May – Jolly June Jubilant July – Awesome August Scintillating September – Outstanding October Naughty November and Dazzling December This is how I sincerely wish your New Year to be! Happy New Year 2018!


My New Year’s resolution is to stick to a good workout plan that will keep me healthy and happy.

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When the midnight bell rings tonight…
Let it signify new and better things for you,
let it signify a realization of all things you wish for,
Let it signify a year of courage and believes,
Wishing you a very…very…very prosperous 2018



You see people making new resolution,
People are giving their life another restart..
Here I give you NEW YEAR Wishes !!!
before any other give starts ..
So accept my New Year wishes Messages
Happy New Year 2018!


Wish You Happy New Year

This new year :
may your monthly salary come in six figures,
may you take her for a ride on your private Car
and may all your illusions fade away.

Best wishes for happy new year


Wishing you happy New Year as beautiful moments,
Treasured memories and all the blessing A heart can know


Wish You Happy New Year

Nights are Dark but Days are Light,
Wish your Life will always be Bright.
So my Dear don’t get Fear
Coz, God Gift us a “BRAND NEW YEAR”.



Just a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around… May the new year add a new beauty and freshness into your life. Happy New Year.



Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
And it’s my New Year wish 4u Dear…

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New Year is a new start and way to go!
Wish you a successful, unforgettable and unusual happy new year.



Glory to God in highest heaven,
Who unto man His Son hath given,
While angels sing with tender mirth,
A glad new year to all the earth.



Wishing you a Happy New Year with hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.


As You Watch The Sun Of The Old Year Set To The West,
May It Set With All The Negatives Of 2016.
As That Of The New Year Rises From The East,
May It Rise With The New Opportunities For 2018.

Wish You Happy New Year


Celebrating New Year won’t be same, If I will not celebrate
it without you. You give meaning to My Life



My Dear, I Have Decided
To Store Your Name In My Heart
This New Season.
It Can Be Destroyed By Insects
If I Store It On The Leaves,
It Will Be Faded If I Write It
On A Piece Of Paper,

Happy New Year To You.

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Blooming Flowers
Sparkling Crackers
Colorful Night
Sweetest Bite
Smiling Faces
Delicious Dishes
Only Love,
No Fear
Let’s Welcome the New Year.
@@Happy New Year@@



You Are Me, I Am You
And We Are So Much Identical
That People Call Us Twins.
We Have Gone Through A Lot
And Still Remain Close.
As This Year Ends,
I Wish You A Fabulous New Year.

Wish You Happy New Year


For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice.



May the New Year bring to you Warmth of love and
a light to guide your path towards a positive destination. Happy New Year 2018



May The New Year See You Giving,
Loving, Living And Lots Of Hugging!
Wishing You A Happy And Healthy Life
And A Prosperous New Year.



May the new year bring you greater heights of success and prosperity.
Have a happy new year 2018!



Only you could make me feel this content. I ll be yours forever.
Here’s to another your together. Happy New Year my Love

Wish You Happy New Year


May the new year that follows be the best you have ever had.
Have a blissful new year!

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Wish You Happy New Year

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